Introducing CityHood

A year on from our launch, and it seems only right to launch our first full blog post.
Since our app became available in the App Store on 4th September 2015, we have featured 140 local places across 7 different neighbourhoods.

And we’re only just beginning. So, it’s about time we introduced you to who we are, what we do, and how we are going to help you discover more London.


CityHood is a curated city guide

CityHood makes the city your neighbourhood. It shows you a curated selection of quirky and cool places to go in London. But it’s so much more than that.

Born of the frustration of a French expat wondering, “Which London neighbourhood do I want to explore? Where do Londoners go out?” CityHood guides both locals and visitors through London’s multitude of unique and characteristic neighbourhoods.

CityHood helps everyone discover London

London is huge.

With a population of over 8 million, swelled by almost 17 million tourists each year, London is a city of travellers as much as Londoners. 

And there’s plenty of places for everyone to go.

But with so many places to try, we go back to the question: Where should I go in London? How do you find cool places in London… without spending hours searching for recommendations? Where do Londoners go out?

Of course there are plenty of city guides and directories, but this is the Content Era. There’s information everywhere, but value is harder find. Sometimes reviews are abstract, understood only by the writer, while others can come across as all sales and no substance.

And this is where CityHood steps in.

CityHood does more than just find cool places.

It finds the best, and helps you get there.

CityHood is a carefully curated London city guide app that demystifies the Big Smoke. By showcasing different London neighbourhoods to visit, providing their history, the best places to go and curated itineraries to guide a wander through, CityHood is cutting the excess to give people the power to explore London.

London is a patchwork city, and we guide you through it. As well as categorising each place, letting you find somewhere perfect for any occasion, our ‘we love’ section explains why we chose it. We also offer up insider tips to make your visit extra-special.

CityHood allows locals to try out unexplored neighbourhoods and to find new places nearby. It helps plan out perfect dates with itineraries and make bookings directly in-app.

The app is available in both French and English, allowing travellers to also access the coolest places in London. Offline mode is available to avoid data roaming charges, and maps guide you straight to the door. There is no personal information required to sign up, making it easy to explore London upon arrival.

So what’s next?

We’ve got 28 more local places to launch across our existing neighbourhoods. We’ve got 4 brand new neighbourhoods ready to be launched, and 4 more that are underway. Our newsletter will be launching soon, as will regular blogs that reveal more about London’s secrets, how to explore the city and other exciting ways to make the city your neighbourhood. A new version of the app is going to be available on the App Store very soon and a Android version beginning of next year.

CityHood has been built by Londoners that have lived, worked and wandered through London’s many different streets, and we are excited to share what we’ve found with you.

To check out the app, you can download it hereWant to be the first to know about new top picks, neighbourhoods, or other insider Londoner tips? Sign up to our newsletter below

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