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Since the beginning of CityHood, our aim has been to place local businesses, growers and makers at the center of our approach. Our priority is to share their meaningful initiatives which, each in their own way, contribute to a global change in consumption and a more altruistic and responsible way of living well.

These exceptional times reveal the imagination and solidarity of these women and men who work every day to offer better solutions for a future by keeping values ​​of our new generation.

In this series of weekly blog posts, we’ll speak about local alternatives, beautiful eco-responsible initiatives, inspiring lives, local distribution networks, choices, commitment, and pleasures too.

Because today, consuming differently is envisaged in its entirety, we are going to talk about agriculture but also fashion designers, farms in the hollow of the mountains and huts by the sea.

And then, remember, CityHood is completely independent. It was born from a desire to offer a unique light on this Basque country coast that we love so much. A need for sharing and commitment. At CityHood, we only select the addresses for which we have a real crush. These women and men we met during the interviews inspire and question us. We support them because their approaches seem essential to us: they are sincere, human, value know-how, create a bond, reinvent a relationship with the territories by participating in progress.

So for us, in all humility, it seems obvious to talk about them!

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