Who is behind CityHood ?

It takes a village to raise a child, and it took a tribe to launch an app that uncovers city secrets.

We’re a team of curious travellers. We don’t believe in getting lost; we enjoy discovering new ways to explore.

We thrive on finding secret gems and fresh neighbourhood haunts, and we want to share our love of a new perspective on cities we know, and the insider perspective of places we’ve just discovered.

Join us today to share with us your best little places here


London _ Islington _

Hélène fell in love with London when she first visited 10 years ago, and moved to the big smoke soon after. Addicted to trying to discover its hidden streets and secret gems, she initially started a blog, The Londonium, to share a slice of her London life with friends back home. After hustling for a couple of years, on the side, Helene used her maternity leave to grow the team and expand the app. She decided to move to the Basque Country for one year to launch CityHood Côte Basque as well as look after her one year old lets her. She is now back in London and ready to grow the CityHood adventure.


London _ Hackney _

Hannah grew up in Oxfordshire, but as the child of Londoner she knew she’d be heading home to the city as soon as she could. Studying English Literature in this city of stories, she thriftily spent most of her degree walking miles around town to avoid paying for the tube. After becoming somewhat of a sage for planning dates for friends, she joined CityHood to up the story-telling, and show off more of London’s best bits. London is still home, but her itchy feet have lead her to a digital nomad life. Currently, she’s in Australia, thoroughly exploring London’s kindred sister Melbourne in between backpacking adventures on wide open roads. She still misses crowded old London, though.

CityHooders across the World

Spread across neighbourhoods, cities and continents, CityHood is a community of urban wanderers, sharing their secret haunts and favourite places.


Côte Basque _ Biarritz _

Emmy lives in Biarritz, in the Basque country, a city which watched her grow. She decided to go back here after few years of travelling. She felt straight in love with the innovator concept of CityHood and its design. This young mother, photographer and journalist who is passionate and curious didn't hesitate to get on board with this adventure.


London _ Notting Hill _

Elodie has been living in London for the last 5 years and she loves it. She likes to share on her blog her "little joys", good places to eat, walk and expat life. She loves trying out new places or strolling in the colourful streets of London. She naturally accepted to join the CityHooders community.


Côte Basque _ Seignosse _

Mélissa is from Toulouse but plans to settle on the Landes coast. She loves the cool atmosphere and way of life in this area where she likes to test new places regularly. Addicted to Instagram, she publishes her favorites everyday and it is with pleasure that she has accepted to become CityHooder to share her favorite places.


Côte Basque _ Seignosse _

Passionate about surfing, hiking and fishing, Simon loves to spend time on the Basque Coast, and particularly in the Landes, to relax. Bon vivant and epicurean, he enjoys the typical good food of the area and enjoys discovering new places in the area, which he likes to share with the CityHood community.


London _ Parsons Green _

Julie has been living in London since 2006 when her family has grown, she loves this city even though it took her many years to find her bearings. After desperately looking for an app like CityHood when he arrived in London, it seemed natural to him to share his experience.

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